About Me

Hello there, I started this project because I want to make people laugh and teach them at the same time.
Around the office, I am known for lightening the mood and pushing comedy boundaries on internal training presentations.
An example of this is a parody I created of “Let it go” called “Corona blows” where I did a dance with a ribbon and sung the lyrics(SPOILER I can’t sing or dance, but I did it to make my colleagues laugh!)
I have 14 years experience performing a variety of roles such as Developer, Techlead, DBA, Solution Architect, Project Manager, Trainer, Mentor, Consultant, and much much more.
I have a Bachelors in Computer Science with a minor in Electrical and Computer engineering from Purdue University! BOILER UP TOOT TOOT!
I hope you will laugh and learn from my videos and I hope to see you around the community (Discord, Youtube comments, etc)!



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